Another year is over - December 1998

As usual our Christmas letter has turned into a New Year letter. You will however enclosed find a Christmas card from our yearly IAAS Christmas dinner from the 21st December.
Susanne has had to weeks off in December so she has had a lot of time to make preparations for Christmas. Therefore the house is full of Christmas decorations and cakes.
We had a nice summer holiday in France together with Susanne and Alexander Döring from Germany. We had rented a house at a farm in Bretagne. It was very relaxing and we still had time to visit some interesting places and to play with the children. Only the weather was not much better than in Denmark and the evening where France won the world cup in football and we were dancing in the streets together with the French in rain and storm. Alexander could not bear celebrating it and stayed at home.
Brazuca from Brazil has stayed with us from time to time, as she now works for a Danish company in South Africa (Maersk) and the headquarters in Copenhagen regularly calls for her.

The children
Thomas (8 years old) is slowly beginning to find out about the possibilities and the joys that you can have from the Internet. This December he has participated in different Christmas games and he has become a member of the LEGO-club so that he now receives e-mails from LEGO every time they put something new on their home page.
Mathias (6 years old) has started school but that hasn't impressed him a lot as he knows everything from Thomas - or at least he thinks that he knows everything.
Both the boys play soccer in the local soccer-club. Mathias wins a lot of prices while Thomas mostly looses all matches with at least 10 goals. Thomas is also a scout. These interests of the children also occupy the parents. We have to watch their matches - we sell Christmas trees for the scouts - we go on scout week-ends, soccer-week-ends etc.
Kirstine (3 years old) is developing a lot of female attitudes - she loves to take care of babies, to help her mother in the kitchen and with the laundry. She's still not too smart but she is also still a blonde - we guess that things will be better when her hair gets darker.

The parents
Per (36 years old) has still got his beard but as it is turning quite grey we think that he will soon have to shave it off. The job is still quite interesting and includes travelling to Canada, Portugal and (very often) Brussels. This years project in our house for Per has been to renovate our kitchen - we have got a new stove, a micro wave, new kitchen tables and new handles for the doors. According to Brazuca (from Brazil) we're loosing our student identity and becoming very settled.
Susanne (try not to think about the age) looks beautiful as usual. This year she started to work less hours at the office. Unfortunately her job has been more busy than normally so there do not seems to be much difference (however the payment check is smaller). Susanne has also joined the board of the school which Thomas and Mathias are attending. That means a lot of meetings, gossip and all sorts of problems - unfortunately it is not possible to get out of this board before the next election which will take place 3,5 years from now!!
Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

Susanne and Per