en nisse en anden nisse

Dear friends, 5. January 2002

Another year has passed so it's time for us to send you a greeting. December has been an extremely busy month this year as the children have engaged themselves in a lot of " after-school-activities" that all have Christmas parties in December. As an example we can mention December 15th. Per and Susanne both had hangovers from Christmas parties in their jobs the night before. But nevertheless we had to carry out the following activities: Sell Christmas trees for the scouts (Thomas), attend a basket ball final (Mathias), attend a Christmas concert (Kirstine), swim in the local swimming pool (Mathias and Kirstine) and go to the IAAS Christmas lunch. In the middle of all this René came to visit us and we had to cancel a basketball Christmas party (Kirstine).

Familie billed

OK, now it's time for the annual report on the children:

We have started breeding rabbits. We thought that it would be nice for the kids with some pets that were not hens. Therefore we got 2 rabbits from a girl in the neighbourhood. After a few months Kirstines rabbit died. Then we had 1 rabbit. Suddenly one day we saw that someone had put another (female) rabbit into the cage we still don't know who did it and now we have 4 rabbits 2 grown ups and 2 small ones.

A major event this year is that Per's parents sold the farm where Per was born and moved into a house in a town. Of course it is a very sensible thing to do to move to town before you get too old but in the same time it's quite sad to say good bye to a lot of good memories from a happy childhood.

Our holidays have been much the same as usual canoe-trip and summerhouse in Sweden with some friends. In February Per and Susanne went to Madrid for a prolonged weekend. Søren and Brazuca stayed with the kids. It was a very interesting experience to travel only the two of us after so many years of travelling with kids. Madrid was wonderful. In April Susanne went alone to Bonn to attend a graduation-jubilee. It was a very nice trip. She travelled by train in a sleeping car with a great view of the landscape from the top floor. She stayed with an old friend that she hadn't been talking to for a long time and talked to some other old friends at the party.

IAAS-Portugal) got engaged with a Norwegian and our good old friend René found himself a girlfriend. About René we can only say that we're not sure how stable the relationship is as they have already broken up and come together again several times during the last few months.

Well, this was a summary of the year 2001. We expect that 2002 will bring more changes into our lives as Per has got a new job in Bruxelles from February 2002. He's going to work in the EU-commission writing an action plan for developing organic farming in Europe. Susanne and the kids stay in Denmark until summer. Then we will see what will happen. Maybe we all move to Bruxelles then.

We got a new liberal government in Denmark that wants to show that things can be done in different ways. Therefore they have decided to split Susannes directorate so that half of it goes to the ministry of taxes and the other half will be restructured in some way. This means that there is a lot of uncertainty about Susannes job situation. Anyway Susanne stays in the directorate until summer and then we will see what to do go to Bruxelles, find a place in the new structure or find a job somewhere else.

Love from Susanne and Per