Per, Susanne and Mathias on the canoe-trip Dear friends, We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

This year we haven’t been travelling much – we have been consolidating our life after coming home from Belgium. Of course we went on the yearly canoe-trip to Sweden. The Danish and Swedish summer was terrible this year so we put on all our winter clothes and every now and then the children warmed up their feet and hands on Susannes back and stomach – see the photo.

Our house in Sweden After living abroad, Denmark seemed to be too small for us and we bought a minor manor in Sweden together with our friends Lene and Mads. It’s an old Swedish house that used to be a part of a farm. Unfortunately the stable has burnt down. It’s quite primitive – water from a well and no proper toilet – but we like it very much. There is 7 ha land and (part of) a lake with it, so Per can do some hunting there and we all have a good opportunity to do some tree cutting.

Probably we will spend quite some time in the house next summer and you are all invited to come and visit us there.

Thomas and Per ready for biking About the family we can tell you that Per is back in his old work in the Plant Directorate and that he is really trying to get fit. This summer he went on a bicycle trip with Thomas and Thomas’s friend. Per came directly from Bruxelles where he got no exercise. The trip was 200km which they did in 2 days. After that Per didn’t sit down for quite a while.

Susanne is also in the same job as always engaged in some different administrative and IT-related projects. This year she did a project leader examination which might come in handy with all the projects that we will have in our house in Sweden.

Thomas won a couple of medals in the local chess club. He’s also an active scout, but anyhow prefers to stay with his computer. Mathias spends most of his time playing basketball or badminton. Kirstine plays with her friends or her hamster.

Love Susanne and Per