Dear friends,

We wish you all (a litle late) Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Mathias and Per by the bridge Year 2005 has been a year in which we have spent a lot of time in our house in Sweden.

It’s a very healthy life to be a Swedish farmer. There is always work to do so you get a lot of exercise and fresh air. At the beginning of the year a storm passed Sweden and turned over about 100 big trees on our land. We have cut a lot of the trees and are now trying to sell the rest.

Later we built a 30 meter bridge to the lake and cleared a lot of the lake view and during summer we isolated the first floor so that we now have room for visitors.

Mathias and Kirstine painting Of course the storm also cut off the current so we had to heat in the fireplace and to learn to cook on a wood stove.

We spent almost all of our summer holiday in the Swedish house. When we weren’t working we swam in the nearby lake that has diving boards that are very popular with the children. The weather was fantastic and when we enjoyed the shadow under a pine tree we almost felt like being in the South of France.

Susanne, Stig and Per on the canoe trip This year we also had some good parties. We celebrated 15 years of canoe trips, Karsten/Helles and Henning/Charlottes new houses and 40 years birthdays for Charlotte Schroll, Charlotte Levinsen and Ana Soveral Dias.

Thomas at his confirmation Per has got a new job as a project manager of different computer / information projects in the Danish Plant Directorate.

Susanne is also in the same job as always in the Danish Agency for Governmental Management. This year the main task has been to adapt different administrative systems to send digital invoices and payments.

Thomas (15) had his confirmation in May. We had a wonderful day. In order to house the 50 guest Per built a party tent/annex next to the house. His arm is still sore!

Mathias (13) plays a lot of basket ball and computer – don’t be surprised to meet him at the internet. Kirstine (10) is a scout, plays handball and sings in the school’s choir.

Love Susanne and Per