Dear friends,

Susanne skiing outside our house in SweedenYet another year has passed, so it’s time for us to send you our best greetings for Christmas and the new year.

This year we continued our experience as farmers in Sweden. We bought a tractor – Ferguson TE20 (an old grey tractor) that now after half a year almost works. And when you buy a tractor you must of course build a garage for it. And after building the garage you need to relax so we also built a terrace – you are all welcome to come and enjoy it.

Per almost shot an elk – actually one of his fellow-hunters shot it – and then we all ate the part of it that Per got. It was delicious. Susanne went skiing, something that she hasn’t done for years. In fact we have a hill for downhill-skiing not far from our house (132 m tall) and we also made some cross-country-tracks on our fields.

Per in Jens' car in the statesIn summer we went three weeks to California, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. It was a very good holiday where we saw a lot of sights, some beautiful nature and visited friends and family. Per got to drive some big American cars which seems to please him a lot (see the picture).

About the children we can only say that the boys now certainly have got long hair and Mathias has problems in holding up his pants – are we getting old??

We spent almost all of our summer holiday in the Swedish house. When we weren’t working we swam in the nearby lake that has diving boards that are very popular with the children. The weather was fantastic and when we enjoyed the shadow under a pine tree we almost felt like being in the South of France.

Mathias, Kirstine, Susanne and Thomas at Grand CanyonThomas (16) has finished primary school and now in “gymnasium” where he will go for another 3 years. He’s still a scout and this year he went on scout trips during almost all the holidays. He’s building a scout log shelter in our house in Sweden.

Mathias (14) still plays basket ball and this year he has been participating in some Lego-robot-competitions. After basket training he enjoy hanging out with his friends.

Kirstine (11) plays handball, has a hamster and this year she managed our vegetable garden (with some help from her father) and we had to buy all the vegetables from her and that wasn’t cheap!

On the family side we can mention that Susanne became a godmother for our friends Brazuca and Sørens son, Mikkel, Pers parents celebrated golden anniversary and Susannes parents invited all children, children in law and grandchildren on a small holiday.

Love from Susanne and Per