Dear friends,

Another year is over and even as we are now a good way into January we will just hope that you have had a merry Christmas and we wish you the best for the coming year. We also would like to thank for all your greetings. It is so nice to hear from all of you and remember that our door is always open if you would like to spend some days in Copenhagen.

This year we did not have any big projects but still we managed to be busy most of the time.

Susanne is still working in the headquarters of the Danish tax agency and has been implementing a big EU-VAT package so there has been a lot to do.

Per is still in the Ministry of Agriculture. He works with different programmes for environmentally friendly agriculture including organic farming.

Our summer holiday we spent in Scandinavia - first at a bicycle trip with the boys at the Danish/German border.

We also spent some few days on our friend René's sailing ship. It is really nice to be on the sea when it is hot and we sailed right in to the centre of Copenhagen - very beautiful to see it all from the water side.

Of course we also spent some time in our summer house in Sweden where we we played zombies in order to scare some of Thomas' scouts that passed by on their summer camp.

In March we combined a business trip with a weekend in Lisbon. It was nice to explore the city and we had dinner at Raquel and Mano.

In May we discovered a water leak in a bathroom, and it took several months to have the inflicted rooms renovated but at least the insurance company paid including visits to restaurants during a couple of weeks, where we did not have access to the kitchen.

And now a short report on the children

Kirstine (14) is still doing self defence and is a very active scout - she is now a patrol leader and organizes a lot of activities that often imply that the parents must assist with shopping and driving etc.

Mathias (17)
is still in gymnasium and has a good time with sport and friends. In order to finance fancy clothes and parties he has started working in the local supermarket.

Thomas (19) has finished school and has spent the autumn on getting admitted to Oxford in England (he will start next October), travelling in Thailand, working, having an operation on his kidney and planning an event on the national summer camp for the green scouts next year.

Love Susanne and Per