Sverige badeværelse færdig

Dear friends,

We hope that you have had a merry Christmas and have passed well into the new year.

We spent new year’s evening at our friend René’s house in the north west part of Denmark. This year Thomas and Mathias preferred to celebrate new year’s evening with their own friends and Kirstine went to bed later than her parents – so maybe we are starting to get a little old.

This year we both changed our jobs.

Per is now working in another directory of the Ministry of Agriculture. He now works with a programme for environmentally friendly agriculture including organic farming. His main tasks are to ensure that the computer systems work and that accounting is correct.

Susanne works in the headquarters of the Danish tax agency. She mostly works with VAT-processes. She works on implementing changes to the EU-VAT-directive and on implementing obligatory electronic VAT-declaration for all Danish companies. Especially the EU-angle has given some opportunity for travelling (Bruxelles, Lisbon and Stockholm). International work is something that Susanne enjoys a lot.

We’re trying to follow the technological development and have joined “Linked-in” on the Internet. There we have found some of our old IAAS-friends and other friends and relatives. It is quite interesting to see what everyone is doing nowadays. Maybe next year we will consider joining Facebook and really become “modern”.

In our holidays we have been in our house in Sweden where we now have a “shower”. This means that we have a room where you can bring a bucket of hot water to pour over you, but still it is a big improvement and something that we enjoy a lot.

In summer we spent a week in Spain at the beach with 5 teenagers. We thought we were going there with our friends Lene and Mads too, but at the end Lene and Mads told us that only their children were going because Lene and Mads thought that it was too hot in Spain.

About the children:

Kirstine (13 years) has started a course of self-defence and even though we get a little hurt we support her by volunteering when she needs to practise the new tricks that she learns every week.

Mathias (16 years) has started gymnasium which means more homework, but he still finds time to play basket ball and to reach level 80 in “World of Warcraft”.

Thomas (18 years) is in his final year of school. He will start practising for a drivers’ license in January, so we are happy that we have an old car. He’s still a scout and invited 2 Tunisian scouts to our house for Christmas.

We will round this letter up by wishing you all the best for the coming year.


Per and Susanne